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Marquee Style Frame Tents

{#of seated, assumes your guest are sitting 8 guest around a 60″ round Table}

Size Area
# Seated
10’x10′ 100 sq ft 8 seated
10’x20′ 200 sq ft 16 seated
10’x30′ 300 sq ft 24 seated
10’x40′ 400 sq ft 32 seated
20’x20′ 400 sq ft 32 seated
20’x30′ 500 sq ft 48 seated
20’x40′ 800 sq ft 64 seated
20’x60′ 1200 sq ft 96 seated
20’x80′ 1600 sq ft 128 seated
40’x40′ 1600 sq ft 128 seated
40’x60′ 2400 sq ft 160 seated
Hexagon 1039 sq ft
120 seated

Our tents come in 3 sizes.

10×10 {$110}

10×20 {$165}

20×20 {$220}

We use the three sizes to make up the size/construction you desire

Additionally we have the Hexagon tent (1,039 square feet)  $600

Sidewalls: Designer windows and plain solid white available.

All frame tents can be joined with a guttering system to provide protection from sun and rain.

Dimensions for 10×10 Frame Tent:10x10

Dimensions for 10×20 Frame Tent:

10x201Demensions of 20×20 Tent:

20 x 20 Square High Peak Tents and Canopies from Tentnology

Dimensions of Hexagon Tent:

Hexagon Tent Demension

*Example of 20x20 tents on the Botanical Garden terrace

*Example of 20×20 tents on the Botanical Garden terrace

*Example of Hexagon tent with additional 20x20 tent combination

*Example of Hexagon tents with additional 20×20 tents structure

Tent Lighting:

String Globe Lights   $30.00/set

* Event at Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

*Example of the String Globe Lights


* Please ask your representative for details

* One set of lights will illuminate a  20×20